Hello, I would like to congratulate the Zicron Dragon Clan for being a successful clan. People all over this wiki are accusing me for making a clan that i did not start or have anything to with. I would like to say please don't use my name in comments or in pages... i probably have no idea what it is. This for the First time is Actually Nollidnitz typing this. I was disapointed when ONE of my friends asked why i quit the ZDC, I DIDN'T! By the way i'm working on my Clan_General account so if you would like to tell me something... please message it to me!

Note to Zicron Dragon Clan

Just to let you know i never was going to make a new clan, or quit the clan i'm in, and if you haven't met me yet and your in ZDC please do the following.

1. Add friend me, my usernames are: Clan_General, Nollidnitz

2. I will aid your defense with my Nollidnitz account if you add me. (Just ask!)

3. I will assist you attacks with my Nollidnitz account if you add me. (Just Ask!)

4. I'm really sorry for this misunderstanding, I <3 the Zicron Dragon Clan, for they are the best and nicest clan!

5. I am Zicron Dragon all the Way!

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