Less powerful scubbus

Lets face it the scubbus beats all the other hero's especially if the opponent has a behemoth berserker combo.

they should even out the heros more because the scubbus range is pretty big and is almost unstoppable.

New Unit, Magic Priest

  • Heals alot of HP
  • Has more life than Priest
  • Takes up more housing space
  • When Unit HP is upgraded in Academy Lab than the Priests are not easily killed by Mystical Blasts and other spells
  • Cloth armor 2 (priest is cloth armor 1)
Magic Priest HP Heals Armor Housing Space Available
Level 1 200 20 Cloth 2 2 Level 18
Level 2 220 22 Cloth 2 2 Level 19
Level 3 240 24 Cloth 2 2 Level 20
Level 4 260 26 Cloth 2 2 Level 21
Level 5 280 28 Cloth 2 2 Level 22
Level 6 300 30 Cloth 2 2 Level 23

Contract (Wanted!)

All you need is a contract if you want revenge

  • Select the Paper Icon and make a contract
  • you can send you friends a contract such as:

I want you to get revenge for me, Heres the person i want destroyed: Example1
I will Give you: 200000Gold, 100000Cystals, 5mojo for destroying that person.

  • That person automatically gets the stuff you promised, when you make a contract the money is taken away from you so that if the person does do it, you won't be cheating them at all

New Building (Wanted!) 'Map Center'

Map Center

  • Can search in open forest for Tribes
  • When you find a Tribe, a Flag will appear on the Forest map so that you can play it (the Flag will be marked with the Tribes Name on it.)
  • If you find a Tribe, you can always go back to that tribe Level and Replay it again and again
  • Tribes Might Drop Fragments, (depended on the Tribe) the Fragments get really good, the Best Fragment is For Behemoth: Spicked Club, For Succubus: Lost Skul l, For Berserker: Hum Hum Saber
  • Tribes have even newer NPC Units (Blacksmith, Chef, etc.)

New Unit (Wanted!)

  • Mojo cost less

New Unit 'beast'

  • The beast is Brown
  • Its attack is Piercing
  • It armor is Cloth armor 7
  • Its HP, Attack, and Armor for the Levels are:
Beast HP Attack Armor
Level 1 2000 50 7
Level 2 2200 55 7
Level 3 2400 61 7
Level 4 2600 68 7
Level 5 2800 75 7
Level 6 3000 85 7

Dungeon Mode (Wanted!)

New 'Adventure Portal'

  • 10 new selectable areas
  • New Bosses and mops to defeat
  • (last level: The Dragon of Darkness)
  • Extra Spell slot (you can have 4 spells equiped)
  • New Heroes

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