Little Empire Version 1.25: Patch Notes

All-New Adventures: The Seal has completely new levels, from 6-1 to 8-20. That’s 3 major stages with over 50 total levels, with fantastic battles, new bosses, and even richer rewards waiting for you!

All-New Alliance Equipment: 3 new sets of alliance equipment await! Old alliance equipment can be used with alliance resources to perform equipment upgrades. Upgraded alliance equipment has higher stats, helping your alliance achieve greater excellence on the battlefield!

All-New Units: Two completely new unit types: Ghost Assassin, which evolves into Skeleton Killer! These new skeleton units use ranged piercing attacks. After being evolved,they can use curses to lower targets’ Block and Evasion, adding tons of new possible formations and strategies!

All-New Individual Equipment Upgrades: You can now upgrade to new individual equipment sets, the Elemental Sets: The Magma Set for the Behemoth, the Storm Set for the Succubus, and the Ice Set for the Berserker. Upgrade your look and buff up your armor!

All-New Achievement Avatars: Earn 19 new achievement avatars! Simply complete the relevant achievements to unlock, and show the world you’re a master LE player!

Hero Level Cap Raised: The Hero level cap has been raised to 22, with 2 new levels: Sun King and Saint King! At the same time, your Hero Honor level cap has also been raised to 22.

Reputation Level Cap Raised: Individual Reputation level cap has been raised to 30.

Treasure Level Cap Raised: Treasure level cap has been raised to 5, allowing you to wield stronger treasures!

Alliance Adventure Difficulty Adjusted: Lowered difficulty in 4 Alliance Adventure stages: Brock Cave, Scorched Earth, Freezefire Canyon and The Arctic Frontier.

Mail System Optimized: Added hyperlink support in personal mails.