Mojo's Price:

Original Price $100 (us dollar) per 4000 Mojo.

Now you can get 7500 Mojo by $120 from us,saving $70!

How do we make it?

Mojo's price in Little Empire is different in different countries.

In China Mainland it is cheaper than in other countries.

When the account is logged in China for around 3 days,it will be available to buy Mojo at the price for China Mainland users.

It is the game rule that when people are playing Little Empire in one country,the account will be recognized as the account of that country.

So if you can travel to China and play Little Empire for several days,then you can buy Mojo at the price for in China,but it doesn't like a good idea.

How to deal?

1. Contact me by:


Tel: 008613316039439

2. Provide me with your Little Empire account and password. Yes,we need your account because we need to log it in China for around 3 days.

3. Wait for 3 days before we inform you that your account is available to buy Mojo at the price in China. And do remember that during these 3 days,you should not log in your account!

4. Make the payment. You can pay to us by Paypal,Western Union or Moneygram

5. When the transactions are done,you can play Little Empire again with the Mojo we have bought for you.


Is it safe ? Will I lose my account if i provide the account to you?

Do not worry! The items in this game are not tradable so it is meaningless for us to take your account.And it is very easy for you to get the account back by email. We have done this for many users in Hong Kong and Taiwan,who also need to pay $100 for 4000 Mojo.

When can I play the game again?

DO NOT log into Little Empire before we inform you the Mojo are already bought to your account! Because if you log in,the account may be judged again as your countries account and we can not buy it at the price in China.It will need 3 more days then.

Is it risky to buy Mojo by this way?

No,there is absolutely no risk. We are just taking advantage of the game rules. It is not illegal so you don't need to worry about that! There will be nothing bad for your account after the transaction.

What will you do to my account during these 3 days?

We will only make some simple actions to your account as normal mobile users of Little Empire until the game time is enough for buying Mojo. We will not change anything except the productions of resource for you.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Change the password when the deal is done and tell friends about us if you are satisfied of our service.

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