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The Seal is a set of adventures which can be accessed once the final Conquest level (Snowcloak Cliff 39) has been completed. Players must be a minimum of level 30 (as this is the requirement for Snowcloak Cliff) in order to access the Seal.

There are eight sets in the Seal; sets 1-5 are the "easy" version while sets 6-8 are the "hard" version. Rewards from sets 1-5 include fragments of Pharaoh armour and 6-8 sea stones, including a shared drop table.

In every "hard" set, the enemy wall has 30,000 hitpoints, all Heros use Pharaoh, Evolved Alliance or Abyss gear (no medal levels) and hero abilities. All enemy units are given massive health, attack/support buffs and increased armour rating.

The "easy" set of the Seal has 10 levels per set, while the "hard" set has 15 levels, excluding the last set which has 20.

Pebblestone Camp

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Deepwater Swamp

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Amethyst Mine

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Magma Gorge

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Lava Land

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Forecourt of Black Tower

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Black Tower

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