Anybody tried the little empire hack? is it a scam?

I googled cheats and hacks for this app and found an interesting one. Just wanted to know if anyone has had success with this. 21:44, March 29, 2012 (UTC)JW

No cheats are currently working

Can anyone tell me if you can have 2 seperate games of LE on your phone? And if so how? Both my kids want to start a game and the sharing idea didnt fly.



I tried to hack the game with apk that call gameCIH2 after i root my phone but it didnt work. i can change the mojo or crystal or money and even the honor point but after i try to buy something the game crashed and i need to login again

You shouldn't be googling cheats for LE..., and yes you can have 2 separate games of LE on your phone, you just need to create another account linked to an email address.


hi I can not buy mojo in little empire i don't no why but my visa is ok and every where it's work and I bought before mojo but now i think my account on hold !! I send massage to them and know one answer.

Defeat succubus with "Behemont/Berserker"

Hi, is there a way to defeat a player that uses full equipped sucubbus with an acccount that uses Behemoth/Berserker combo?  Any recommended formations?

Hello. Yes you can defeat fully equipped succubus. You just need the right formation. For example you should focus putting troll cyborg next to behemoth for taking all the damage. than you should put 6 priests full leveled behind them to heal them up immideatly.Then its your option to put mages iron wheels wolf riders to eliminate the other army. 

User:Xenist DarkCerberus21 (talk) 05:01, October 23, 2016 (UTC)DC21

Organizing my Empire

Hi there,

I am new to Little Empire and need some help organizing my empire. Does anyone have any tips...

Thank You!!!

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