Succubus box100
Base Stats
Health: Health 001 260
Attack: Attack 001 9
Armor: Defence 001 1
Range: 7
Space: 2x2

Character Info

The Succubus has the highest attack range (can attack from 7 squares away), making her useful for putting her on the back as she has the lowest stats out of all of the Heros. Despite this, she is relatively safe from almost all sorts of damage with many units in front of her. She is often used with Shamans due to their speed boost, and it allows her to attack extremely quickly and make her a lethal Hero to the right player. Many players tend to use the Wuba's Pipe item to increase her attack speed even further so she can deal extremely larges amounts of damage .

Equipment Shop

You can find an overview about all items here.


Starter skin sukkubus

Starter Skin

Ivy Set

Ivy Set

Unicorn set

Unicorn Set

Nurse set

Nurse Set

Darkness set

Darkness Set

Flames Set

Flames Set

Tier 9 Succubus

Cultist Set

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