Portrait shaman
Health (Lv1): 240
Support (Lv1): +20%
Attack Speed
Armor: 1.0 Icon clotharmor
Range: 1
Space: 1x1
Population: 1 Icon population
Cost: 120 Gold 001, 250 Crystal 001
Upkeep:  ???


The Shaman is arguably the central unit into powering a player's formation. Without the Shaman, the formation would collapse. Shamans boost the attack speed of the unit in front of it and units one lane above or below the line the Shaman is in. Shamans need to be careful of flare/chemical/blast skills and the Iron Wheel, which can kill them very quickly and remove the extra attack speed boost for the unit(s) in front of them.

Shamans are best used to support a Succubus, Iron Wheel or Archangel, as they greatly improve their attack speeds. For the Succubus, it magnifies her glass cannon capabilities. Six Shamans supporting a Succubus increases her attack speed greatly to the point where she can shred both Berserkers and Behemoths in mere seconds.

The Shaman can be evolved into the Shaman Priest at level 50, getting additional hitpoints and additional boosting power. They a new skill, Lightning Arrow, which generates a ball of lightning and hits one enemy target for up to 60 damage and has a 1 minute cooldown. While this skill can deal a lot of damage if there are a few units on the field, it should not be relied on to kill enemy units outright if there is a large enemy presence on the field.


Available at level 18.

Build Time:

  • LVL1: 16:40.69 min
  • LVL2: 15:30.69 min
  • LVL3: 14:20.69 min
  • LVL4: 13:10.69 min
  • LVL5: 12:00.69 min

Level Upgrades

Level Health
Attack Speed
Upgrade Costs Upgrade
Gold 001 Crystal 001 Magicspar
Unit shaman01 1 240 20.0% - - - - N/A
Unit shaman02 2 252 22.5% 3000 600 5 5 Hours N/A
Unit shaman03 3 264 25.0% 6000 1200 10 8 Hours N/A
4 276 27.5% 10000 2000 16 16 Hours N/A
5 288 30.0% 18000 3500 22 24 Hours N/A
6 300 32.5% 24000 5000 28 32 Hours N/A
Evolve Health
Attack Speed
Item brassingot Gold
Item mithrilingot Elemental
Unit shaman07
Shaman Priest
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Hours Lighting Arrow - upon entering arena shoots a ball of lightning at the enemy that does 60 damage, and will recharge in one minute.

Weak VS

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