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Sea Wars is alliance-based content that involves two alliances fighting each other. 

How to Start


An alliance must build a Dock, which costs 300000 Gold and Crystal, along with two Alliance Coins. The alliance must also be a level 2 alliance; see here for more details on alliance levels. To be involved, a player must buy one of the three ships available in the Dock, which have the following:

  • Small Ship:
  • Frigate:
  • Ironclad:

The Commander of the alliance must sign up for Sea Wars, and the alliance's sea battling level will determine their opponent. One Sea War is hosted on Saturday.

Sea Wars

When the Sea Wars begins, the two alliance's Guardians are at the gates and are accompanied by four Convoys; two behind and two in front. There are 30 minutes to each Sea Wars (if the Guardian and Convoy are not attacked), and will meet each other at the central top lode and fight until one winner is determined. There are three types of buildings in Sea Wars:

  • Main Base: This is where your ship begins and where you resupply units if they are running out. Cannot be captured.
  • Sub Base: An abandoned base, whoever takes this will have their alliance's destroyed ships respawn near or on the lode itself.
  • Magic Mine: These mines produce minerals which are required for your Guardian to become stronger.

The mechanics are similar to that of Battlefield; when you die you will respawn on the main base or sub-base if one is aligned with your alliance. The more deaths you have, the longer it takes to get back into the action. What your form you use will also be implanted should your ship be destroyed and is repaired shortly afterwards. If you lack sufficient troops to create your form, you will be notified to restock at the main base before continuing.

The Convoys all use the same form, and are pretty easy to destroy for most players. The Main Ship themselves, however, pose a more significant challenge and players will find a hard time dealing damage to a very powerful Guardian, who can destroy formations in mere seconds.


Even though this has a similar Battlefield like mechanic, Sea Wars does give help for both the winning and losing alliances. Alliances who win move up one in their Sea Wars level, while those that lose drop one. All players receive the same rewards, although each one differs based on activity and winning/losing a battle.

Here are the rewards:

Alliance Rewards

  • Alliance gear fragments (winner takes 5, loser takes 3)
  • Plunder (for alliance only, only if they won the sea war)

Player Rewards=