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Reputation is a special value affecting all troops from both Castle and Fort, in addition to all other specific bonuses they may already enjoy. Each point of Reputation brings a 1,5% bonus to both HP and Attack value of all troops. This might seem small but quickly makes a big gap: for example, a player with 8 more reputation points than another (say, Reputation 20 vs Reputation 12) will enjoy 12% more HP and inflict 12% more damage when fighting the lowest Reputation player, a difference difficult to overcome even with an appropriate formation.

Reputation is always in effect, wether in Arena, Tournament, or in various PvE adventures. A player reputation can be seen just under his or her Avatar. When trying to capture another player in a Prison Cell, the hit list showing possible players hints at their respective Reputation by showing Avatars of different sizes, the larger the picture the higher the Reputation.

Reputation can be earned in many ways:

  • By capturing other players (up to 1800 Reputation daily)
  • By playing in the Battlefield (200 Reputation for a victory, 100 for a defeat, up to 600 Reputation daily)
  • By fighting in the Stadium (80 Reputation for a victory, 50 for a defeat)
  • By resisting a player trying to capture you (from 30 Reputation to 150 or more, depending on the raiding party, up to 300 Reputation daily)
  • Reputation is also frequently found in Locked Chests (from 300 to 1000)
  • Various Events almost always feature a way of earning Reputation.

Reputation can be lost:

  • By being captured (from -30 and steadily increasing, the loss is increased if you didn't have proper defenses)

Reputation is considered by many as the most important characteristic in the game, since it just increases the raw power of a player in all situations. Reputation favors the older accounts, who will have a much more higher level. The best way to build up reputation is by being a low level and attacking; since the limit for all levels is 1800 a day, low levels just need to attack more players. The fact that many low leveled accounts are inactive makes for very little competition to gain reputation quickly.

The only way to gain Reputation faster is by spending money in-game, but top players also do that while already enjoying incredibly high Reputation levels, basically locking down Reputation hierarchy unless someone outbids them.

The current level cap for reputation is Reputation 001 30 as of Update 1.25.