Hold another player captive to obtain extra income.
Icon cage


Build Cost

  • All Levels: 5000 Gold, 1000 Crystal, Player Level 6

Build/Upgrade Time

  • Instant

Prison Cells per Player Level

  1. Player Level 6
  2. Player Level 8
  3. Player Level 11
  4. Player Level 16
  5. Player Level ??

Note: Cannot build more than 5 Prison Cells. You cannot build Prison Cells in your Fort.

Prison Cell Misc.

  • The Prison Cell is a 4x4 square building
  • If you sucessfully invade another empire, you can check on your captured empire(s).
    • If you captured a player with heavy resources, you can overtax his empire even more. For example, capturing another empire with 30,000+ gold and 10,000+ crystal (from looting them) allows you to tax him for 400+ gold and 150+ crystals. 
    • You can also retreat your forces from the empire if you want to, withdrawing all forces and if the captive is doing any work, is let go.
      • The attacked empire is freed if Fort troops were sent or were the only units left after attacking the defences of that player.
    • You can set the formation of your occupying troops anyway you wish for your demand. Clearing it all results if you want to retreat from this empire.
  • Rewarded loot from the occupied empire. A Warehouse reduces lost resources. If there is no lootable resources left (i.e no resources at all or is lower then the Warehouse's protect limit), you will not gain anything.
    • If a battle occurs, battle rewards will have a second priority, the attacker will first attempt to loot any resources then rewards will be given to both players. 
  • Fort and Castle are seperated. The attacking army will first attack the castle units, and any lost units in the castle area will not be fought in the fort area. Leftover attackers from the castle will move to the fort and attack any defences there.
    • If the Fort troops of the attacked player hold off the enemy, the attacker will be shown "Failure to conquer the fort." This results in no casualties and any casualties the defender recieved are replaced.
  • A "Hit List" appears, containing 2-5 players you can attack. Some are active while others are inactive, and you can pick which one you want to hit. You can get a new set by attacking all of the players on the current Hit List or by refreshing the Hit List.
  • Attacking a player will depend on geographic location and distance. If two players live very close to each other, the time can be as short as 5 minutes, while those farther can take up to one hour to attack. For example, if a player in the U.S decides to attack someone Brunei, it will take one hour to reach them. A list is also shown showing players that the player can attack, and can be refreshed every 5-10 seconds.
    • Note: If you sucessfully friend a player who is attacking you, the attack will be cancelled off when the enemy troops arrive in.
  • After a sucessful conquest, the player can be rescued by himself or friends. Also the following occurs:
    • One building will be caught on fire. This includes houses, military structures (including research), all plants/trees. If not taken out within ? days it burns to the ground.
    • The attacked player is now a "Rival" for the player. The player or their friends can also attack the player, depending on the level difference.
      • If the player is too high from the rival when they intially attacked (e.g the player was level 30 and a 25 attacked them sucessfully), if the player levels up the low level attacker is removed from the rivals list.
    • If there was a second set of troops (assist attack OR Fort troops), the assistants or Fort troops will leave after all battles are finished (including Fort battles if there are any) to their castle or Fort.
    • The attacked player will lose reputation points. The loss of points depends on stationed troops and number of troops. At any time if you have no defences or two units guarding the base reputation loss is around -36/38. The lowest it can go is -16, with full castle and fort defences along with Heros included.
  • When sucessfully defeating a player (attack or defend), you will gain Reputation points, which is used to boost unit health and damage. Reputation gained from a victory is based on the following:
    • The level of the attacked player. Higher levels tend to give more points. If you attack players slightly lower, equal or higher then your level base reputation points will be gained. Attacking too low players results in less reputation points (e.g attacking a level 31 as a level 36 results in 55 reputation points)
    • The defenses of the attacked player. If there are no defenses, you will get base reputation points at that level. More units for defense results in greater reputation. For example, attacking someone with large amounts of defences or strong troops can result in a 50+ reputation if you take them over.
      • With the v1.15 update, all players who haven't set their defences now have one (or two Heros depending on Fort) placed for defence. First Hero is placed on the middle top while the other is placed under the other Hero.
    • In terms of defences, reputation gained is slightly lower then attacking a player, so do not depend on this way to gain reputation. One unit sent can vary the reputation. As always, the more units defeated against, the more reputation is gained from it. Reputation is only gained if the Castle defences hold; if the Fort wins no reputation is gained.
  • You can have Fort units back you up OR have a friend to assist you. Attacking yourself is much more better because Assist Attack prevents the use of your friend's hero and also downgrades his units if they are stronger then yours. Technology and alliance technology is not affected by this; only unit levels are.
  • Offers the ability to 'Punish' a captive player to gain additional resources once an enemy is imprisoned.
    • Punish for Gold or Crystal: Punish to make either gold or crystal, 60 minutes. Gives either 500 gold or 150 crystal.
    • Punish for Exploring: Punish to explore to find magic spar, 120 minutes. If no spar is obtained then either 2000 gold or 1000 crystal will be gained.
  • Captured player stays captured for about 5 hours unless he/she, their friends or another invader defeats your stationed troops.

Repution points

For each level is diferent to get points but for each repution level you get an additonal bonus of 1.5% hp and damage to all your units. Below is the reputation required to increase to that level.

  1. 900
  2. 2968
  3. 6331
  4. 11081
  5. 17290
  6. 25017
  7. 36312
  8. 49748
  9. 71519
  10. 96885
  11. 147028
  12. ?
  13. ?

Unit Rewards for losing units

When you lose your own units during the battle you get some of your invested resources back. The following chart lists the breakdown of rewards per unit lost.

Unit Gold Crystal XP
Footman 9 0 1
Troll 10 2 1
Archer 24 6 3
Ninja 36 7 4
Priest ? ? ?
Mage ? ? ?
Knight ? ? ?
Wolf Rider ? ? ?
Shaman ? ? ?
Archangel 72 120 34
Iron Wheel 144 48 20
Troll Cyborg ? ? ?
Hero 240 20 9

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