Portrait priest
Health (Lv1): 180
Support (Lv1): +15 Health
Armor: 1.0 Icon clotharmor
Range: 1
Space: 1x1
Population: 1 Icon population
Cost: 100 Gold 001, 150 Crystal 001
Upkeep:  ???


Priests are a support unit designed to increase the tanking capabilities of the frontline units. They heal units in front of them for a set amount of health; while it may seem low, two Priests healing a unit can recover a lot of health over time and they heal quite fast. Priests are best used behind a Behemoth, Berserker or Troll Cyborg since the healing is negligent for other units.

They are still very frail though; even an Archangel can quickly kill Priests with its indirect damage. Priests can evolve into Holy Priests at level 50, and learn the skill Group Heal. A standard heal has a small chance of becoming a group heal, healing units around it (including the target the Priest is healing), but heals less then a standard heal.


Build Time:

  • LVL1: 15:00min
  • LVL2: 14:00min
  • LVL3: 13:00min
  • LVL4: 12:00min
  • LVL5: 11:00min

Level Upgrades

Level Health
Upgrade Costs Upgrade
Gold 001 Crystal 001 Magicspar
Unit priest01 1 180 15 - - - - N/A
Unit priest02 2 198 16 2500 600 3 2.5 Hours N/A
Unit priest03 3 216 17 6000 1200 6 5 Hours N/A
Unit priest04 4 234 18 10000 2000 10 10 Hours N/A
Unit priest05 5 252 19 14000 3000 15 15 Hours N/A
Unit priest06 6 270 20 18000 3500 20 20 Hours N/A
Evolve Health
Item ironingot Item brassingot Gold
Unit priest07
Holy Priest
 ?  ?  ? 2  ?  ? Hours Group Heal - Small chance that a heal will instead cause the heal to affect units near the Priest.

Weak VS

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