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Pets are creatures unlocked via a specific building, the Pet Pen. They have no direct battle use, but give bonuses to the Hero they relate to. There is no choice and each Hero is always receiving the same Pet according to his/her type:
  • Behemoth gets a Fire Cat
  • Succubus gets a Wee Devil
  • Berserker gets a Jungle Ape.

All Pets work the same way: they level-up by being feed with Pet Foot earned in three qualities, Basic, Advanced and Deluxe. The level-up is directly related to the quality and quantity of food provided, there's nothing like a daily limit or any pet activity (there's no "petting" at all in Little Empire Hero Pets) so Pet food is nothing but a contribution to push a progress bar to the next level.

Each Pet type gives 8 different bonus stats according to its type and the related Hero, and once these 8 bonus have been given, leveling-up the Pet further increases their value.

At level 12 Pets unlock a first spell, Dizzy Thunder, striking opponents randomly in battle and stunning them for a short time. At level 15 a second spell, Saint's Light, is unlocked,healing troops with a burst followed by a heal-over-time effect. Both spells can be further improved, up to level 7 each, by increasing the Pet level. The spell level-up is made by using magic Elements and Spar ; no Pet food is involved. All Pets have access to the same two spells.

In battle, Pets increase Hero abilities as explained above, but also cast their spells from time to time. The spells' area of effect is not decided by the player. There is no link between a Hero and his or her Pet: the Pet will continue casting spells even if its related Hero has been killed, and even if both Heroes have been killed. The Pet will be "stunned" (i.e. out of play) when the last battlefield unit of its side has been destroyed, either a Hero or a Troop.

Pets never damage enemy wall.

Since there's no choice at all in Pet management the game UI provides no option to reset or recast anything. It means you can't get back the resources you used to level-up a Pet spell for example.

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