Pebblestone Camp is the first Adventure Set for "The Seal" Adventure Mode. 

Level 1

Level 1 Pebbles

Level 1


  • Succubus has Level 5 Mist Medal
  • Additional 11 Mummies on the Mummy line from Fort backup

Level 2

Notes: Level 7 medal-using Heros. Mummified Dogs appear behind the last column.

Level 2 Pebbles

Level 2

Level 3

Level 3 Pebbles

Level 3

Notes: Behemoth in full Doom set on top two rows, followed by a few Priests and Skeletal Archers. Skeletal archers appear in every row on the third set.

Level 4

Notes: Two additonal Berserker Heros in full Bone set. Berserker one appears after the shamans, while the second one appears right after the six shamans behind the Succubus.

Level 5 - Elite

Notes: A Berserker using full Bone, two unarmored Berserkers using Price of Blades from the top and bottom, and one unarmored Behemoth using Death's Green Scythe in the middle. The unarmored units have very high hitpoints and damage.

Level 6

Two Berserkers using Shadow armor and Prince of Blades are on the sides and use level 5 Mystical Blast. 

Level 7

All Heros are on the middle rows. Skeletal archers are stuck behind the boulders while Shamans and Mummified dogs are on the sidelines. There are two Behemoths using Bashing armor and Death's Green Scythe, along with a Succubus in full flame with Red Dragon Soul and a Berserker using Shadow armor and Prince of Blades. None of them uses any spells.

Level 8 

Succubus on the top uses a Red Dragon Soul and Mystical Blast, while the bottom has the primary weapon. Both use Flame armor and second back rows are filled with Skeletal archers.

Level 9 - Elite

Notes: Only the Succubus and top Behemoth use Mystical Blast. The enemy Heros use NFS armour and their final weapon.

Level 10 - Boss

The Stone Giant is the boss of this set. It has massive hitpoints, and attacks rapidly. All attacks the golem uses are splashing. The Golem is assisted by:

  • 2 Mummified Dogs
  • 32 Skeletal Archers
  • 16 Mages

Units do not respawn until the boss dies, but health will restore if they are not dead.



  • Armor of Doom Fragment
  • Spaulders of Doom Fragment
  • Bracers of Doom Fragment
  • Spaulders of Bashing Fragment
  • Wristbands of Bashing Fragment
  • Gold Sash Fragment


  • Armor of Darkness Fragment
  • Wings of Darkness Fragment
  • Wristbands of Darkness Fragment
  • Wings of Flame Fragment
  • Wristbands of Flames Fragment
  • Underlord Raiment Fragment


  • Evil Bone Armor Fragment
  • Evil Bone Spaulders
  • Evil Bone Wristbands Fragment
  • Shadow Shoulders Fragment
  • Shadow Claws Fragment
  • Mithras Armor Fragment


  • Magic Spar
  • Copper Chest
  • Silver Chest
  • Iron Ingot
  • Alliance Coin

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