Mojo comes in the form of two resources, original Mojo 001 Mojo and Boundmojo Bound Mojo, both of which are used in Little Empire for various things. Included in its uses are:

Mojo 001

A Mojo

  • Buying Military Units (if you run out of crystals or gold)
  • Resource alternative (not recommended due to very high costs)
  • Speeding time (not recommended unless you don't have any Magichourglass Magic Hourglass)
  • Repairing worn out equipment or spells.
  • Buying items:
    • Misc. items
    • Equipment
    • Spells

There are several methods for getting Mojo:

  • Mojo 001 Mojo
    • Buying with real money (e.g U.S dollar), ranging from 20 to 4000 MOJO.
  • Boundmojo Bound Mojo
    • Win off the lottery (in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 50)
    • Falling from the sky
    • Arena spins (up to 20)
    • Having a Daily Task score of 360 (2 received)
    • Opening chests:
      • Copper: up to 50 Mojo
      • Silver: up to 200 Mojo
      • Gold: up to > Mojo
      • Your treasure chest (up to 10)
      • Friend's chests (up to 2)

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