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The Magic Tower is a building that can be constructed at level 42. Its sole purpose is to boost the strength of your units through bonds.

Bonding Units

To apply bonds to a unit, you need the following for any bond. The unit must be evolved (e.g you cannot apply a bond to Iron Wheels until they become Super Iron Wheels). Bond levels cap at level 20.

  • Crystal Dust - this can be obtained through the challenge Abyss, weekly stadium reward, or winning in the arena.

There are five different types of bonds you can apply for a unit:

  • Attack - Increases the unit's attack by 0.9% for each level. Requires copper ingots, crystal dust, rune fragments and elemental crystals.
  • Block - Increases unit's chance to block incoming attacks by half (stacks with the Soldier Block and The Art of Defense researches) by 1.5% for each level. Requires magic spar, iron/gold ingots, and crystal dust.
  • Health - Increases unit's hitpoints by 0.8% for each level. Requires magic spar, iron/mithril ingots and crystal dust.
  • Magic Resistance - Increases unit's resistance to spells by 1.5% for each level (stacks with the Unit Spell Resistance research). Requires gold ingots, crystal dust, rune fragments and elemental crystals.
  • Speed - Increases unit's movement by 2.0% for each level (stacks with Unit Movement research). Requires magic spar, iron/copper ingots and crystal dust.

If you need to remove a bond from a unit, you will need 399 MOJO. Only remove bonds from units with a high level in that bond, as it is a waste of MOJOs if you remove a low-level bond. Removing a bond will give you most of the resources you used back.

How to Use

Bonds should only be applied to core units in a formation. It is a waste if you apply it for units that you barely use.

The most common bonds used are attack, health and block. Attack is best used for "clearer" units (e.g Senju Ninjas, Demon Shamans and Blood Riders). Health and block can also be applied on those units if you want to increase their durability. They're still better off for units like Night Riders and Magma Dragons, as their purpose in a formation is to have the enemy attack them so your heros can clear out the remaining enemies, and the extra durability allows them to survive a bit longer.

Try to align the bond you want with what your effects your runes have. If you have a Guard Rune with Light Armor HP and Normal Attack, you can compliment your Senju Ninjas with either an attack or health bond to boost those stats higher. Reputation also plays a decent role in how your units perform.

Spell resistance is best used for priests and shamans, though spells can still deal quite some damage and Super Iron Wheels will devastate them with ease. Speed is rather useless and not needed for any unit.

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