This page explain The Magic Spar in greater detail.


  • Magic spars are used for upgrading unit levels and for researching new abilities.
  • These are usable after building the following Military Buildings: Magic Altar (Priest, Mage, Shaman, Archangel), Blacksmith (Footman, Troll, Knight, Troll Cyborg), Wind Shrine (Archer, Ninja, Wolf Rider, Iron Wheels), and Research Center.
  • Each level requires a higher amount of magic spars than the previous, which is how much spar the upgrade originally needed. For example, the Troll Cyborg requires 12 spar to upgrade, and so for its remaining upgrades it requires 12 more spar to the upgrade.
  • The Castle upgrades are seperate from the Fort upgrades however, like MOJO, magic spars are shared across both.

How to get it

  1. Quest Rewards (only from Adventure)
  2. Arena wins (probably the most easiest way to obtain)
  3. Adventure Mode Loot (uncommon reward)
  4. Daily login (only appears two out of seven days)
    1. Finishing all daily tasks (requires 360 points)
  5. Prison Cell Punishment for Exploring (not recommended due to time and other players can invade and remove your prisoner)
  6. Alliance Battles (when you defeat opponents). Alliance instances always give spars as long as troops were placed.
  7. Silver/Gold/Diamond Chest (somewhat rare)
  8. Build a Spar Mine (You need enough Mojos to afford some)

What you can get with it

  1. Upgrade military units
  2. Research and upgrade new abilities in the research center
  3. Upgrade hero medal (improves what the medal is based on)
  4. Upgrade hero spells (this improves the damage of your spell)

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