This is a building players begin the game with and it allows them to collect free prizes every 240 minutes (4 hours) and to spend MOJO to spin a lottery wheel in the "Casino". Friends can also visit your kingdom and help you open your Mystical Chest which awards you, as well as those who help you open it, with varying prizes. Once opened, the Mystical Chest will respawn again after 24 hours have passed. Checking the Casino will let you know who has volunteered to help you open it, and ultimately open the chest for your daily reward.


Some Lottery Buildings. The left one is ready to be used and the right one is setting another free try.

Friend's Chest:


Chest icons. The one in the left is an unopened chest while the one in the right has already been opened.

When entering a kingdom that you are friends with, a pulsating icon should appear at the bottom of the screen. This shows that the chest hasn't been full yet and you can volunteer to help with the chest. When helping with the chest, you may recieve Gold, Crystal, or even MOJO from just opening the chest. There are several varieties of chests that include:

  • 5 Player Chest
  • 8 Player Chest
  • 10 Player Chest

If the icon does not appear (see above picture), this means that your friend has opened his mystical chest and you won't be able to help until 24 hours after they opened it. When opening a chest, click on the lottery building, then the chest option. If it's full a bright yellow option should appear at the bottom of the second row of friends that helped you open it. When you open the chest, you may recieve Gold, Crystal, weapons or even MOJO (up to 10). After opening the chest you must wait 24 hours before another one will appear.


Every 600 minutes(10 hours), players can spin a wheel with multiple prizes on it. The Gold and Crystal rewards are much more common then the other rewards. If a player recieves an item from the lottery (e.g Mask of Shadows), all friends to that player will recieve a message saying "Your friend (player name) has won Mask of Shadows! Don't be jealous! Keep up the hard work."

Prizes include:

  • Up to 10000 Coins
  • Up to 10000 Crystal
  • 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 MOJO (the latters are more rarer)
  • Magic Spar
  • Chests
  • Element
  • Equipment (Tier 4-5, 7 in frag form), level 1 gems



In the Casino menu, the player may chose to spend one MOJO to spin a wheel with prizes on it. This is basically a paid version of the lottery.


Eventhough there are 15 sectors on the wheel, the probabilities of getting a certain sector are not 1/15, but infact a lot lower for better prizes and a lot higher for worse prizes. The force with which you spin the wheel has no effect on the wheel's position. It is a simple RNG mechanic. Wheel is there for the visual effect.

Based on my data (359 spins) I speculate that if you spend 1000 MOJO on Casino, you would get approximetely:

1000 Spins = 150,000 Gold + 30,000 Crystals + 250 MOJO + 10 Cheap Items.

More Casino speculations:

  1. Just by looking at the wheel and assuming that it isn't rigged you would get: 1000 Spins = 100,000 Gold + 50,000 Crystals + 750 MOJO + 100 Different Items. (THIS IS NOT THE CASE!)
  2. The Casino odds seem to be rigged towards the Gold sectors away from the other sectors. Rigging is also pretty obvious just by looking at the fact that each wheel has 1 item sector and you never seem to get the item no matter how many times you spin the wheel.
  3. The probability of getting a high level item is a lot lower than getting a low level item. The probability of getting the Best armor piece in the game is around 1/4000, so be ready to spend more than 500$ on MOJO if you plan on getting the best armor in the game.
  4. Your level has no effect on probabilities. So you will not get a better chance of winning better gear if you spin the wheel at level 45 compared to level 1.
  5. If you are only after resources, Spending MOJO on Casino gives around 80% more resources compared to spending MOJO directly on building. Remember that using MOJO for building is very expensive and not recommended, and you are more likely to win resources. Items can also be gained which you can sell to the store for some gold.
  6. It is impossible to spin the Wheel forever assuming you will win more MOJO than you spend, You will only be able to spin the wheel 33% more times than the MOJO you currently have before you run out.
  7. Spin force and changing position of the wheel before spinning has no effect, your win is predetermined before you even start the spin.
  8. Force closing the app during a spin to change wheel option resets the casino timer without any winnings.
  9. Heard multiple times that buying mojo (with real life money) raises your chances of getting better items.
  10. The Casino is for coverting your mojo to gold and crystals. Don't waste your mojo on this, but the spin after arena can win good item.

All of the above are speculations based on a small sample of Data, if you manage to retrieve a bigger sample, feel free to edit this post.

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