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Recent Activity

Campaign 1

Celebrate 1.18: 3x the New Player Rewards!

2014.4.15 16:00~2014.5.7 24:00

LE 1.18 is here, with Sea Wars, a revamped IIC, new magic unit upgrades, and 3 unique hero skills! To help new rulers get their bearings on their upgraded empires, we’ve got limited-time Newbie packs with 3 times the normal rewards! That’s 30,000 Gold x3;3000 Crystal x3;20 Mojox3;and 5 Magic Hourglasses x3 to help you on your path to greatness!

Campaign 2

Celebrate 1.18: New Login Gift!

2014.4.15 16:00~2014.4.22 8:00

       Update 1.18’s  going live, with the Alliance Navy reporting for duty, the IIC upping the ante,and new magic units and hero skills here to party! We don’t want you to miss a day of the new fun, so make sure you login to get a special new 1.18 login gift! Contents include:20,000 Gold;10,000 Crystal; 3 Magic Spar; and 1000 Reputation! Login 7 days in a row, and we’ll reward you with an additional 20 mojo pack! Don’t miss out!

Campaign 3

Celebrate 1.18: Rune Fragments for Sale!

2014.4.15 16:00~2014.4.18 24:00

In celebration of 1.18, we’re offering Rune Frags for sale! Limited time and limited quantities only! Come one, come all for this is a great opportunity to boost your Runes and power up your Heroes!

Campaign 4

Celebrate 1.18: Buy Diamond Chests, Get Free Spar!

2014.4.15 16:00~2014.4.22 24:00

To celebrate version 1.18, we’re having a special Diamond Chests event: buy one of our 10-chest packs, and we’ll include 10 free Magic Spar, completely free! Don’t miss this rare gift!

Campaign 5

Celebrate 1.18: 10% Off Accessories!

2014.4.15 16:00~2014.4.22 24:00


We’ve got a special accessories sale in honor of 1.18! During this event, buy any of our 10% Off packs from the game store, and you’ll find extra gifts of Magic Spar and Iron Ingots inside! (Note: Each Hero can equip only 1 of the same item; Fort equipment must be purchased from the Fort store!)

Campaign 6

Celebrate 1.18: Double the Spar!

2014.4.16 8:00~2014.4.23 8:00

1.18 is going live, and we’re celebrating with style! Spar Mines will temporarily make double the output of spar, so you’d better get digging! More mines, double the spar!

Campaign 7

Celebrate 1.18: Level Up with Double XP

2014.4.16 8:00~2014.4.23 8:00

1.18 is going live, and we’re celebrating with style! Need an XP boost? During this event, simply challenge the training Arena or either city’s Adventure mode for a chance to win Double XP cards! They’ll help you level up FAST, so you’d better get on it quick! (Note: During this event, stacking Double XP cards will get triple XP, not quadruple.)

Campaign 8

Celebrate 1.18: Toughen Up with Double Honor Points

2014.4.16 8:00~2014.4.23 8:00

1.18 is going live, and we’re celebrating with style! During this event, you can earn double Honor Points to level up your Hero’s stats quickly. Simply earn Honor Points (Hero XP) as normal, and you’ll get twice as much! Hurry up and start buffing your Hero!

Campaign 9

Celebrate 1.18: Double the Rep – Free!

2014.4.16 8:00~2014.4.23 8:00

1.18 is going live, and we’re celebrating with style! Double Reputation Points are available for FREE throughout this event: Just attack other players through your jail, and for the first 3 attacks each day, you’ll earn twice the Rep you normally would! This is a great chance to boost your Reputation quickly!

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