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Main Empire

I am seeing my two accounts... one in arkadia and one in troy because I'm switching to iPhone. The troy account is like 49 and 47 with succubus and beserker. I have a large amount of gems including at least 14 level 3 gems and a lot of vairous level two and one and a couple hundred mojo. The arkadia account is level 44 and 30 with about the sam gem and mojo wise. Email me if you are interested... make an offer. macdrev at

I am selling my Android Little Empire Account (JTank). The main empire is level 45 and the Fort is 44 (almost 45). If you are seriously interested, please contact me and I can send you all the information about it and some screen grabs.

I don't know what these sell for, so I am asking for $200 because I have put a lot of money into it, but in the end I will accept the best offer.

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selling my account . little eager buy my account . level castle 46 . level fort 44 all gem level 5 and lots of ......


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