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File:Portrait Lava dragon.png
Base Stats
Health: Health 001 N/A
Attack: Attack 001
Armor: Defence 001 4.0
Range: 1
Space: 2x1
Population: 5 House 001
Recruitment: {{{recruitment}}}
Upkeep:  ???

Lava Dragons are units that are trained at a level 3 Lava Keep.


Lava Dragons are similar to Knights. They have increased health, deal magic damage and are weak to normal damage, contrary to the Knight that deals normal damage and has heavy armor. They counter each other out, but the Lava Dragon has more health then the Knight.

The Magma Dragon is the evolved form of the Lava Dragon. Their Magma Shield makes opponents next to them flinch, and are popular in formations. The player does need to consider the following though:

  • How the formation is set up. While Magma Dragons have more health then the Night Rider (evolved Knight), the Night Rider's Dash ability is useful to cover up lost ground and allow the Magma Dragons to catch up and reinforce the lane.
  • 2 Magma Dragons can have more health and/or damage then two Night Riders or a Crazy Cyborg (evolved Troll Cyborg). This does depend on the player's build, since Magma Dragons' health is affected by the HP magic bond and Light Armor HP rune.


Build Times

Level Upgrades

Level Health
Icon magicattack
Upgrade Costs Upgrade
Gold 001 Crystal 001 Magicspar
Evolve Health
Icon magicattack
Item ironingot Item brassingot Gold
Magma Dragon 1056 35.0 N/A N/A N/A N/A Magma Shield - upon reaching low health, unit will erupt a "shield" of magma. This deals low damage but always lands critical hits.

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