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Little Empire can be a bit confusing for newer players especially when they ask help from veteran player, only to receive terms such as "Make sure you choose bus for your first hero!" or "Your rep is important, don't forget to level it up." . This page aims to help new players by getting them familiar with game terms, slang and nicknames for various game features.


  • Zerk - Berserker - This a shorter name often used to describe the Berserker Hero. Derived from the Ber'serk'er in the word.
  • Moth - Behemoth - This is a shorter name often used to describe the Behemoth. Derived from the Behe'moth' in the word.
  • Bus - Succubus - This a shorter name often used to describe the Succubus Hero. Derived from the Succu'bus' in the word.


  • Rep - Reputation[1] - Often referred to as 'Rep', it is a shorter term used for Reputation.
  • Bf/Btf - Battlefield - Used in a sentence like "Hi, anyone wanna bf?", it is quicker saying Bf than saying Battlefield.
  • Train - When a group of friends attack the same person repeatedly.

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