General Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Little Empire Cost

A: Little Empire is free.

Q: What platforms does Little Empire run on?

A: Little Empire is currently supported by Android and iOS devices.

Q: Can I play Little Empire on my PC?

A: Little Empire is not officially supported on PC, but you can play it on your PC using an emulator like Bluestacks.

Q: Is Little Empire pay-to-win?

A: Maybe. While paying real-life-money can and will earn you progress in the game faster than not, 95% of things can be done through grinding.

Q: Is Little Empire a grind?

A: In the early game, the game is not grind at all. mid-to-end level, unfortunately the grind increases dramatically especially if you are F2P.

Q: Do Little Empire Hacks work?

A:There are many places offering convincing hacks for Little Empire. However, there are currently no valid hacks that can boost your in-game progress via Currency, Levels, or Boosts. DON'T TRUST ANY HACK OUT THERE!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Game

Q: When do I get my second hero?

A: At level 24, the Portal becomes available from the shop. Purchasing this will grant your a second empire where you can select a second hero.

Q: When do I get my pet?

A: At level 45, the Pet Pen becomes available from the shop. Purchasing this will grant you a Pet which can be upgraded for various boosts.

Q: How can I join an Alliance?

A: At level 15 the Embassy becomes available from the shop. Purchasing this will grant you the ability to join and create alliances with other players.

Q: How can I get more mojo without paying?

A: Thankfully, it is much easier to get mojo than it used to be, however it is still a grind for F2P players. Efficient ways of getting mojo are from Daily Task rewards and Arena.

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