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The strength of heroes in little empire depends greatly on the equipment that they are wearing. Equipment provides substantial boosts to various stats including but not limited to: HP, Defense, Attack, and Spell cooldown. Each hero has different prominence in stats on their equipment with the behemoth and berserker being more focused on defensive stats, and the succubus having more offensive stats. Heroes have one weapon slot and 5 armor slots.

Equipment has tiers, with tier being stronger than the rest (usually), and each hero having an equivalent tier.

Behemoth equipment Berserker equipment Succubus equipment
Behemoth Equipment Berserker Equipment Succubus Equipment

Equipment Stats

Stat Description
ATTACK (ATK) Increases your Hero's ATK points
HEALTH (HP) (Life) Increases your Hero's HP points
DEFENSE Increases your Hero's Defense points
COOLDOWN Reduces the time it takes for your spells to recharge
MOVEMENT SPEED Increases your Hero's Movement Speed
REGENERATION Adds passive HP regeneration to your Hero
CRITICAL HIT Increases your Hero's Critical Hit Chance
ABSORB HP Your hero's hits restore health based on damage.

Equipment, Gems, and Inlaying

Scroll1 Main article: Gems Equipment can be inlaid with gems, increasing stats to a hero.

Acquiring Equipment

Equipment can be acquired in various ways.
  • Tier 1 Tasks, Arena, Conquest, Store
  • Tier 2 Tasks, Arena, Conquest, Store
  • Tier 3 Conquest (Fragments), Alliance Battle Rewards (Fragments), Store
  • Tier 4 Conquest (Fragments), Store
  • Tier 5 Arena Training, Store
  • Tier 6 Store
  • NFS Tier 1 Arena Training (Fragments), Conquest (Fragments)
  • NFS Tier 2 (Egypt) The Seal (Fragments)
  • NFS Tier 3 (Sea) Tier 2 + Sea Stones + Magic Spar + Mithril Ingots (Evolve)
  • NFS Tier 4 (Demon) Tier 3 + Sea Stones + Magic Spar + Mithril Ingots (Evolve)
  • NFS Tier 5 (Elemental) Tier 4 + Sea Stones + Magic Spar + Mithril Ingots (Evolve)
  • NFS Alliance Tier 1 Alliance Battle (Fragments), Sea War (Fragments), Alliance Instance (Fragments)
  • NFS Alliance Tier 2 Tier 1 + Gold + Crystal + Alliance Coin (Evolve)
  • NFS Alliance Tier 3 Tier 2 + Gold + Crystal + Alliance Coin (Evolve)
Ultimately, the end game armor sets will start by acquiring the Tier 2 NFS set (Egypt), then evolving it over time.


Evolving is how you will acquire late-game armor sets. It follows the principle of fusing a piece of armor at tier 1, and upgrading it to higher tiers rather then replacing it with another piece.

Evolving equipment is costly and takes time and grinding. The chief resource used in evolving is Sea Stone(s), but also Mithril Ingot(s) and Magic Spar. Some pieces of armor cost more than others. The price varies from cheapest to greatest in this order:

  1. Chest
  2. Shoulders/Wings
  3. Wrists
  4. Helmet
  5. Weapon

Each tier has a significant increase of sea stones required to evolve.

For evolving costs see NFS tiers under each hero.

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