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Dwarven Hurler
Base Stats
Health: Health 001 300
Attack: Attack 001 (Pierce Attack)
Armor: Defence 001 (Heavy Armor) 2
Range: 3
Space: 1x1
Population: 3 House 001
Recruitment: 300 Gold 001 200 Crystal 001
Upkeep: N/A

Dwarvern Hurlers are ranged units.


Dwarvern Hurlers attack with pierce and have heavy armor, similar to Troll Cyborgs. They have a range of 3, making them a good short-range unit that can be placed inbetween Trolls and 4-range units such as Ninjas, Mages and Ghost Assassins for extra firepower.

Their evolved version, the Fire Hurler, is a powerful unit. Its ability, Flame Gun, targets cloth only units and deals 4x their base damage on them. A large mass of Fire Hurlers can easily destroy support units like the Shaman in mere seconds, provided that the enemy doesn't have other cloth armored units on the field.


Build Times

Level Upgrades

Level Health
Icon piercingattack
Upgrade Costs Upgrade
Gold 001 Crystal 001 Magicspar
Evolve Health
Icon piercingattack
Item ironingot Item brassingot Gold
Fire Hurler 536 26.0 N/A N/A N/A N/A Flame Gun - attacks can occasionally into searing projectiles which only target units with cloth armor. In addition, the attack deals 4x damage on them.

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