It is similar to an Iron Wheel in animations but offers a different projectile and other ratings then the Iron Wheel. Dragon Cannons can be considered a dangerous enemy unit, as they double function as both an Iron Wheel with its bouncing projectiles and the splash damage from an Archangel.

As Dragon Cannons typically have high attack, those being boosted by Shamans become especially deadly towards light armor units, especially in Crusade mode where Dragon Cannons deal a lot of damage and are supported by Shamans.

Golden cannon yueyen

Dragon Cannon.

Attack Formula

[x.125][x.25][x.5][x.5] [x.125][x.25][x.5][Target]      <<=== Fire ===<<     [Dragon Cannon]



Range: 6.0

Light Armor: 1

Level Upgrades

Level HP Normal Attack


? ?
2. 720 35
3. 800 40
4. 900 46
5. 1050 52
6. 1200 60

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