The Crusade is an adventure mode that is unlocked at level 45. It primarily serves as a way to level up your Hero's pets (which are unlocked at 45) with pet foods dropped by elite and boss levels.

There are five sets of levels in the Crusade. The enemy strength varies, but is much more harder then the easy set of The Seal.


Our three heros look for a way to stop the flow of demons and encounter Dololo the Illusionist, a demon that serves as the antagonist for this route. Dololo has two different personalities; a teasing and an angry one. Dololo uses various tricks to stop the heros, such as magic wards to deny key units from being deployed and magic worms planted on their own soldiers.

Eventually, the three manage to reach Dololo who turns berserk and defeat him, ending the Conquest route.


The Demon Gate

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The Three Towers

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Phantasm Forest

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Dragonbone Basin

Scroll1 Main article: Dragonbone Basin

Blood Mountain

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