The Challenge Abyss is unlocked at level 42. Entered through the gateway, you will be brought to a page where it gives you the option to normal summon a boss, or elite summon one. Elite summons are relativley powerful, while normals are relatively weak. Most bosses are from the seal, however there is a chance to obtain the Magic Dragon via normal summon. You only have one opportunity to defeat these bosses and obtain the rewards, should you fail you lose the possible rewards and the boss disappears. If you do not have elite summon scrolls, you cannot elite summon, if you do not have normal summon scrolls you cannot normal summon. Each summon consumes one scroll, so it is wise to ensure you can beat the boss before you fight it. The boss does not disappear unless the player re-summons or fights it and loses/wins. These scrolls are rare, and you cannot obtain them by buying them with Mojo. If you have just started and you get one of these scrolls, it is wise to stock up on them, as you will use them later.
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