Borderton is the second level set of the "Seal".

Enemy reputation level: 5

Technology levels: 3 (only first set of enemies)

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Enemy Succubus on the side lines that come in a long row. The middle row starts with Mummies and ends with Skeletal Archers. The Succubus' use chemical spells against you.

Level 5 - Elite

All Heros lined up on the middle, with Mages on the sides and a large group of Shamans and Skeletal Archers. They all use Mystical Blast.

Level 6

The Berserkers use Mystical Blast against your units.

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9 - Elite

A Stone Golem is put in this level, but is level 1 and much more weaker but has more health then the other Heros.

Enemy Heros: 2 Succubus, 1 Berserker, 1 Stone Golem.

Level 10 - Boss

The boss of this set is the Dark Templar. It is similar to that of a regular Berserker, sporting high damage. Like the previous boss, it also has various minions. The minions do not respawn until the boss is defeated.

The boss has it's own special ability, which is a modified Air Bash, covering a large radius. It deals 500 base damage and will inflict the Frailty effect to all targets in range.

Unit levels:

  • Mummified Dog (lvl 4) - 2324 hp, ? dmg
  • Skeletal Archer (lvl 5) - 1304 hp, 135.4 dmg
  • Shaman (level 6) - 1503 hp, 255.6% attack boost


Note: Chests/Coin/Pharaoh equipment are on the Boss level only. Spar is on every round and Ingots on Elite/Boss levels. NFS Shadow, Bashing and Flames equipment are on Elite/Boss rounds.


  • Magic Spar
  • Copper Chest
  • Silver Chest
  • Iron Ingot
  • Alliance Coin


  • The Eyes of Evil Fragment
  • Evil Bone Armor Fragment
  • Evil Bone Wristbands Fragment
  • Shadow Armor Fragment
  • Shadow Claws Fragment
  • Mithras Armor Fragment
  • Pharaoh Gauntlets Fragment


  • Helmet of Doom Fragment
  • Armor of Doom Fragment
  • Bracers of Doom Fragment
  • Armor of Bashing Fragment
  • Wristbands of Bashing Fragment
  • Gold Sash Fragment
  • Gold Gauntlets Fragment


  • Dark Helmet Fragment
  • Armor of Darkness Fragment 
  • Wristbands of Darkness Fragment
  • Armor of Flames Fragment
  • Wristbands of Flames Fragment
  • Underlord Raiment Fragment
  • Mithras Ring Fragment

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