• Atlas9802

    Dear Sirs & Madams,

    As you know, my current project is to rebuild this wiki better then it has ever been. Today, I am pleased to say that I am now an offical Admin. Within one day I have

    • Added a Wiki Logo
    • Added a Wiki Favicon
    • Added a Wiki Wallpaper
    • Customized Wiki Colours (Yes i'm an Aussie)
    • Customized the Wiki Badges (These should add some game-related incentive to contributing to the wiki).

    Just from these humble changes, the entire wiki is looking sooo much better and more professional!

    From now on, it is mostly adding content...The other day I noticed another user (Whaaat?!). Funds made some decent contributions to The Seal so thanks for that.

    Other news is that the Heroes page (not linked pages) is complete along with the Avatar page.

    And so my missi…

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  • Atlas9802

    Dear Sirs & Madams,

    My current project is to rebuild this wiki better then it has ever been. I am starting off fairly slowly, creating in-game themed templates, applying for Bureaucrat-rights so I can customize colors, logo, background, menu, and in-game themed user-badges. I am slowly updating the old image sprites and the old templates.

    What if no one joins or uses it?

    If that is the case, then I will have had fun updating this wiki, making it look sweet, and even using it myself. I like to think of the old admins and users coming back and going "Wow! What happened to this?". But more importantly, I know there are players that play Little Empire that try and look up the wiki, and finding nothing up to date, and quite honestly, nothing visua…

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  • N9NE-O

    Hi Wikia fan, specially Little Empire Wikia fan...

    I've been doing some research, from my own self experience and mostly from freemojo forum.Just want to share, this is just a suggestion.

    --Always always always set your troops for Convoys! This will help our alliance's Sea War a-lot!! *recommended for strong member *weaker alliance member can always be "on the move" to actively capture watch towers, supply bases and sub-bases

    --Ship categorizing: Team who want to farm (blocking enemy ore ship/doing "The Bay"/etc.) should choose Ironclad for his/her war shipIronclad have the highest cargo, which is 500 (can farm 500 ores). Team who want to attack enemy main ship (enemy ice turtle) should choose Frigate for his/her war shipFrigate have the high…

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  • Players123

    When you're level 40+, How does it feel? There are no top alliances/players in Little Empire, but there are a multitude of lv.40+ players. Please leave a comment. I will try to respond to your question(s).

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  • Jesica.tojosantalla

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  • Romo Złomo

    About me

    May 26, 2013 by Romo Złomo

    I keeping the wikia from spam and garbage so it will be easier to navigate and search for what you want :)

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  • Littlemarc

    Hello all.

    I d'ont have access to combats in daily tasks for some days. I could win till Destroying Pandora and now, i don't have the picture to access war.

    As you ?


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  • Shadowninja298


    February 22, 2013 by Shadowninja298

    I can never find the mojos for armour so just get it from adventure mode

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  • Naqib9million

    Battle tactics

    January 1, 2013 by Naqib9million

    I'll try to make a great battle tactic so other people can use my tactic.

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  • Matthew.g

    Fortifying my castle?

    December 17, 2012 by Matthew.g

    Hello there! I've got a big problem, cause i can't solve the task "fortifying your castle" (upgrade castle wall strength to level 1). The reason: i upgraded BEFORE this task appeared.

    What should i do? Who can help me?

    Thank you

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  • Devilminus

    my plans

    December 13, 2012 by Devilminus

    hello every body

    am here to fill the gaps on the game in the next few weeks i will try to make the wikia not missing so much articals

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  • Sandrovicii

    Little Empire Blog

    November 19, 2012 by Sandrovicii

    I'll write some stuff about little empire, but not now

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  • Lopezlopez

    little empire

    September 26, 2012 by Lopezlopez

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  • SonicSonic

    I quite enjoyed reading the recent treatise by Azyle00 on buying XP.

    Gaining experience is quite a challenge and can be one of the frustrating and challenging aspects of Little Empire.

    Earning XP is the way in which a player can progress from lower level's to higher levels. XP is earned by sacrificing units. Typically, the amount of XP that can be earned is limited, as explained very well in the recent blog post by Azyle00.

    I merely want to point out a way to "buy" XP at very little net cost.

    This is what I have been doing recently:

    1. I have been constantly playing level 4 of the Grand Village in the adventure map.

    2. My formation is as follows:

    IW IW P Kn Kn T F

    IW IW P Kn Kn T F

    IW IW P Kn Kn T F

    IW IW P Kn Kn T F

    IW IW P Kn Kn T F

    IW IW P Kn Kn …

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  • Reasonet

    First of all, the Succubus should be upgraded in a balanced way, HP, Attack, and Defense. There's no good reason not to since it costs incrementally more and more honor points to keep improving any particular stat. But also, all of the strategies I use with the Succubus require a certain level of tanking ability, so HP and Defense are very important.

    If you can get the spells Footman's Spirit and Holy Light, then many of the Tasks become trivial to defeat with minimal losses. The basic setup is:

    X X X X X X X

    X X P P H H X

    X X P P H H X

    X X X X X X X

    X X X X X X X

    X X X X X X X

    The gist is that the spirit spells can easily slow/defeat a couple rows of enemies by themselves. As long as you can keep the Succubus alive, she should be able to defeat m…

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  • Rroyal

    Number of Priest

    August 8, 2012 by Rroyal

    When clicking on the castle and viewing how many units I have, the only unit I'm unable to view the number of are the Priest. All other's are showing, but since the Priest picture is so big, it's hiding the number of units.

    Also, could use some updates on how the Adventures work within the Portal. I haven't received any fragments in any of the adventures...


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  • Atlas9802

    Task: Will of Iron

    July 16, 2012 by Atlas9802

    I need a sugestion for the task: will of iron where NO spells are required and for lvl 15 beserker

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  • Freemojo

    Original Price $100 (us dollar) per 4000 Mojo.

    Now you can get 7500 Mojo by $120 from us,saving $70!

    Mojo's price in Little Empire is different in different countries.

    In China Mainland it is cheaper than in other countries.

    When the account is logged in China for around 3 days,it will be available to buy Mojo at the price for China Mainland users.

    It is the game rule that when people are playing Little Empire in one country,the account will be recognized as the account of that country.

    So if you can travel to China and play Little Empire for several days,then you can buy Mojo at the price for in China,but it doesn't like a good idea.

    1. Contact me by:


    Tel: 008613316039439

    2. Provide me with your Little Empire account a…

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  • Krattos
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  • Gotchabest

    Hi All

    April 2, 2012 by Gotchabest

    I will help you as possible

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  • Azyle00

    A concept I have been heavily exploring in Little Empire is the concept of Buying Experience. What this entails is using a specific tactic and method to turn Gold and Crystal into experience. This is already a familiar concept in our average players leveling and from my other guides I talk heavily about how you are essentially buying experience any time you engage in a battle that produces XP but costs you units. The units lost have a cost in Gold, Crystal and Time. The return for your loss is usually experience. Now this is not to say that we always are acting in way that is buying experience. Certainly during your leveling career and especially as we gain more power at higher levels, we start to constantly see a profit in our Arena battl…

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  • Azyle00

    The new patch has introduced several new dynamics to Little Empire especially for the players who are level 24 or higher. We have 3 distinct new systems at play now, The Fort system, The Assist Attack system and the Assist Defense system. I want to look at how each system functions and then also explore what it means now and what it could mean in the future. The next few weeks will be a totally different game as the power players all attempt to level up their "Forts". Then once many of us have that new Fort Hero leveled and geared to an End Game status, we will find that things will begin to change dramatically.

    When you hit level 24, you can build a new building called "Portal". It costs 500,000 Gold and 100,000 Crystal. Once it is built, …

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  • Azyle00

    (The following is merely desires and predictions about today's patch, not what really changed)

    Yes word just went out by notice to all players than in less than 2 hours from now, the Little Empire that we know and love is going to get hit with the patchstick. What will this mean for us all? Well I would not expect much because in the past the game updates have focused on bug fixes and such. Now while there are still bugs to be sorted out like Fury Armor mismatching to slots and name and certainly the ranking system is completely messed up, other than that, there are not that many glaring bugs to be known. Now yes, they could fix the bad grammar and spelling mistakes in the item and spell descriptions (be happy to fix them all for you Old Ca…

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  • Azyle00

    In response to so many "what spell should I use for blah blah...?" questions that I get and because I have done a lot of research into the spells in Little Empire over the last month, I have decided it is only right to create a comprehensive guide that examines each Spell, its use and its merits within the game. I also will get into more depth about the mechanics involved with Hero Spells in Little Empire so that new users and old alike can be brought up to speed about how spells function and which are considered the great spells and which are considered utter garbage.

    It is important to understand the terms we use when talking about spells. We use these terms in posts and in talking as well as on our Spell Listings page. Further, there are…

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  • Azyle00

    When one arrives post level 25, especially when hitting level 30 and beyond, they make a choice. Either wait for a long long time and gear up slowly as they win the Arena battles they can, perhaps 60%, fighting the other players like themselves and bow gracefully out of battles and taking the loss when they see the Face of God in a fully geared up player, often saying "Just another $$$ Hero, oh well". No matter what your thoughts about spending $$$ on Mojo to fast track into the Uber End Game, the bottom line is that in my Mojo article I have shown how by level 30 and by spending $99.99 you can be fully decked out like the other Uber Titans. Which is why so many are like this. It is not an expensive prospect to spend a hundred dollars to b…

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  • Azyle00

    I considered this article as another that I perhaps should not write, but decided the more information available about the game, the better for everyone. Perhaps this information will be enlightening to some and certainly those players who fall victim to these techniques may feel the crushing Hammer of those using it.

    We all love to crush our Rivals and certainly those of us with lower level friends, particularly the friends Level 9-14 (the hard road). These techniques described are going to aid in this for you and your buddies. My friends and I have been using these systems of attack for quite some time and have perfected The Hammer of the Gods.

    Without a doubt, past level 28, the ability to make maximum experience per day becomes harder an…

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  • Seigith

    So here I was, surfing through the pages of this great Little Empires wikia. As I gazed from page through informative page, it began to appear to me that something was missing, something important. What was missing? A good, full and informative guide to playing the Succubus. So, without further ado, here is my 4 cents.

    This is not at all a complete treatise on the Little Empires, or the Succubus class. There is a great deal of general information, and a great guide by Azyle00 on the Behemoth out there already. Thank you Azyle00, I will be borrowing some of his/her information and layout, adding much of my own advice, and modifying some of what I have already seen out there on the Succubus. Please, if you have a different idea than mine, or …

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  • Azyle00

    As a player in Little Empire you can wear only two Rings at one time. Rings are unique, like spells, in the fact that you cannot win them or earn them via Tasks. You can only buy them with Mojo. Furthermore, you cannot buy two of the same Ring, you can only own a single copy of any of the ten Rings available. Because Rings cost Mojo and Mojo is a valuable and hard to get resource (unless you spend real life $$$ to buy Mojo), the choice of purchasing a Ring is as important as what Spells you buy. Specifically, you do not want to buy a Ring that later is replaced by a better Ring as this only slows down your ability to have your two final Rings.

    This article will examine each of the Rings and focus on determining which Rings are the best Ring…

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  • Azyle00

    I started a new character, Succubus, with the intention to Noob Hero Hunt in the Arena primarily to maximize the resources and Wheel Spins as much as possible at low levels. I did not care about score. I checked every single battle I could daily and only fought the battles that I could win and get a Wheel Spin and that would produce minimal XP for me. Looking mostly for single Enemy Heroes and/or a few units. I am avoiding all Tasks and Quests as possible that reward XP at this time.

    I skipped the Tutorial to avoid getting XP. Started at Level 2 with 0/300 XP

    I started my experiment first thing in the morning when I woke up so I could fight as many battles in a single day as possible. I hit the Refresh Wall after 7 Boards, then was able to d…

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  • Azyle00

    Note: you can read all my Little Empire Blog Posts here:

    The Long and Winding Road

    (Work in progress, updated and added to daily, reread often if you are using it. March 11, 2012 latest update)

    Note: When I write lineups, I write them as FTNP for example which is opposite how they look on the screen. I do this because the lineup would flip when referring to the opponent and I want clarity. So as you read any lineup I type in text, the First letter = the First unit. Even though it would look like PNTF on your screen side and FTNP on the Enemy screen side, I always write it First unit to last unit no matter which side I refer to, so always in the format FTNP, where the first unit is a Footman,…

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  • Azyle00

    Mojo Guide

    Introduction I am writing this guide for many reasons. One reason is that many of the new players I chat with ask me "What should I spend my Mojo on?" Another reason is because when I ask them what they have spent and how much they have, I am often horrified to hear where the early Mojo they have aquired went. Too often I hear of them buying the wrong equipment, the wrong spells, using it for speedups and using it for, god forbid...Casino spins. I am hoping this guide will help players beginning the game to not waste Mojo and enlighten everyone as to a lot of key concepts about the game, specifically that the cry, "All uber players used real life $$$ to be uber and it is not fair, I cannot compete or be as good as them unless I d…

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  • Azyle00

    Note: You can read all my Little Empire Blog Posts here:

    Many players ask me, "Azyle, how do you level so quickly?", "What is your lineup?", Etc. I have debated to myself whether writing a guide like this is good idea or not, afterall, why let everyone know what technique I am using. By writing my tactics up in a post, means a lot of players will now use my ideas to advance in the Arena for gaining experience and this will change the metagame we are currently in drastically. If the metagame changes heavily towards my methods, then my methods will not work. However, since I believe that at the highest levels of play, the levels I will be at soon that my leveling tactics will no longer be a…

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  • Derpster

    Little Empire, Huge Flaws

    February 8, 2012 by Derpster

    Here's a list of stuff I think ruin the game.

    • You HAVE to purchase mojos to win at higher levels (pay to win).
      • Just about everybody at lvl 30 bought their way there with the best equips and spells. Regular players that don't want to spend money have no chance against them in the arena.
    • Everything costs WAY too much real $.
    • Spells cost anywhere from 5 bucks to more than 25 bucks for the best spells. Ridiculous.
    • Leaderboards are garbage and full of low cheaters and/or glitch/bug abusers.
      • There is absolutely no legit way for them to be up on the top of the leaderboards at such low levels. Some of the high levels are also not legit. I've seen people shoot up to #1 from out of nowhere when I'm sure it took the previous #1 months to get there. Al…

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  • FawkU

    Little Empire Wanted Features

    February 8, 2012 by FawkU
    • Ability to see how many refreshes you have in Arena
    • Make Wheel of Mojo™ not so crappy
    • Block Users
    • See "Friends" who steal
    • Be able to customize symbols next to Friends so not everyone has a hand, i.e. happy face, sad face, etc
    • Sort Friends in your list so you don't have to always scroll through 30+ friends
    • Tweak higher units build time

    Will think of more over time ;o

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  • Theantichris

    Succubus Guide

    January 25, 2012 by Theantichris

    I've played the succubus through castle level 10 twice (started over to get early level info for the wiki) and want to get some strategies involving her and the game in general down.

    The succubus starts off with:

    • HP: 260
    • Hero Armor: 1
    • Hero Attack: 9
    • Range: 7

    Save all your Honor to level up attack. With the succubus being protected in the back of your armor it is pretty save to ignore HP and armor. This is a big advantage she has over the other 2 heroes and they'll need to spend Honor on all three stats.

    The succubus' strength is her range, the largest of any hero or unit in game. This means she should always be placed in the back. This gives a great advantage, she is hardly ever hit. If she is placed in the middle rows she can hit any enemy row.


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  • Jawabra

    Wikia Editors Group

    January 23, 2012 by Jawabra

    We should form a group in game for ease of communication.

    My In game name is Fero, go ahead and add me.

    I intend to spend all 30 friend slots on Wikia readers and contributors.

    If we form a group we will be able to discuss Wikia related topics in game via the mail system. So if you support the idea please add your name, and start replacing your level 5 inactive friends with people from this list. Also please remove your post from here when you stop playing to reduce the clutter.

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  • CursedJaguar

    Hello everyone and welcome to my Behemoth guide. Blog. Thing. Below, I will write what I think the best way to use the Behemoth and which units to place around him. Since I don't want to sit down at one time an write all of this, this guide is a work in progress and more things will be added as I feel like writing them. Enjoy and happy... empiring?

    The Behemoth, as we all know, is the front-lines Hero. Obviously, you place him as far to the right as you can so he stops the two rows in front of him from advancing. He is the only Hero able to attack both of the rows in front of him at the same time and, with just the first set of armor, can mow down 3 columns of footmen without breaking a sweat.

    Since he starts with the most HP and defense, I …

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