Berserker box100
Base Stats
Health: Health 001 480
Attack: Attack 001 14
Armor: Defence 001 2
Range: 2
Space: 2x2

He was the prince of the human empire 300 years ago. He was scarred during a great battle. He specializes in combat and should be stationed at the center.

Character Info

This character takes up 4 spaces on the battle grid in a 2x2 square. He attacks and may be attacked by both rows of enemies in front of him, and other ranged enemies (minus other Berserkers) However, unlike the Behemoth, he only attacks one enemy at a time. He has an attack range of 2. The Berserker has the highest attack rating out of all of the other Heros, but lacks the health of the Behemoth so should be placed in the back (for best spell useage) or behind a small unit for the best results.


The Berserker's unique medal is the Lightning Medal, which gives him extra damage and avoid. For each level added to the medal, the Berserker will get one additional point of damage and an additional 1.2% addition to his current evasion chances.


The Berserker's ability is Battle Heart, where upon reaching 30% of maximum hitpoints, he will be enraged, with all incoming hits missing for 2 seconds. Afterwards, his movement speed and attack damage will be increased drastically for 5 seconds, and can only be used once per battle. The movement speed and attack damage can be increased by upgrading his ability, requiring spar and elements.


With a castle/fort level of 45, a Pet Shop may be added into the respective area. When this happens, the Berserker will gain a pet, the Jungle Ape, which will join along the battles that the Berserker is in. The Jungle Ape provides supporting stats for the Berserker, mainly in offense.


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