Battlefield is a multi-player PvP content that is unlocked at level 33. There are two different types of Battlefields:

Amethyst Mine

In this Battlefield, players must collect amethysts from the the nodes on the field. Players control two armies and are paired on a 5v5 system, with several maps available. To win, players must reach the allotted amount of amethysts (1200 for 3, 1800 for 5). There are several buffs in each field. The more deaths player has obtained the longer it will take for them to respawn.

  • Map A: Three nodes, three buffs (two 100% damage boosters + 40% health/full respawn), one debuff (bomb)
  • Map B: Five nodes, three buffs (one 30% damage booster, two full respawns)
  • Map C: Five nodes, four buffs (two damage boosters, two full respawns)
  • Map D:

Skeleton Strike

In this battlefield, players control one army and are paired on a 5v5 system, with several maps available. To win, the team must obtain at least 1200 skeletons in total, which can be obtained from defeating the demon armies that roam the battlefield. Players can also fight each other if they want to slow their rate of obtaining skeletons. 

In this battlefield, the player's "Army One" formation will be used. "Army Two" is not used in this battlefield.

The demon armies shouldn't be underestimated as they are very powerful, especially the more colored ones. However, defeating the stronger armies will yield more points. All demon armies consist of evolved units with some potential level 1 units in them.

  • White skull: Relatively weak armies, hero equipment using original NFS.
  • Green skull: Slightly stronger armies, similar equipment to that of the Seal.
  • Blue skull: Strong armies, heros using partial Sea Gear/Pharaoh equipment and reputation level of 15/16.
  • Purple skull: Stronger armies, heros using evolved Sea Gear equipment, level 20 medals and a Reputation level of 25.
  • Red skull: Strongest armies, consists of extremely overpowered units which should be avoided at all costs. Usually has no Reputation level.


Regardless of the battlefield taken, winning teams will gain 5000 Gold, 2000 Crystal and 100/200 Reputation Points (depending on win/loss). Once the amount of reputation points are at the max, no more can be obtained until reset occurs. In addition, battlefield scores will be added/deducted from depending if the team the player was on won/lost. Those with higher points are more likely to lose more of their points and win less while those with low points will gain more and lose less.

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