I can imagine what a chaotic battle it would be.

  • Task Objective: Defeat: Troll *42
  • Task Reward: Gold30-30px 3100, Crystal30-30px 610, Exp30-30px 610, Mojo30-30px 1.

Tip: First row Ninja's, second row Priests, 3rd row Ninja's, 4th row archers. It should work with this:)

^Comment on the tip above. It works! No casualties.^

Other slution:

xxANPF (archer, ninja, priest, futman)

all 6 rows

Approved:  No casualties.

Comment 2:

Fotman has more HP and less damage from Troll (having range 2!), so, less chance to loose some one due to critical stricke. Archers cause to trolls more damage, but line  xxAAPF does'nt works: first archers row stay at max. distans and second row stay idle...

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