Arena Information

Basic Concepts of Arena Battles

  • Opponents you fight in the Arena are bot versions of other players, the setup a bot player in the Arena has is based on his Hero (with its current gear and spells) and the troops of the enemy player's formation, if the opponent player does not have enough troops to fill the formation, the remaining ones will still be in the fight.
  • Opponents score will not be affected in any way to their Arena score when you battle them since it is just a bot version of them. However the score shown in their name its the real one.
  • You gain rewards of Gold, Crystal, Castle Experience and Hero Experience after each battle. The amount is based on the enemy troops you defeat.
  • Your Hero gains Honor Points during each battle. The enemy hero does not give honor points. Each unit you defeat will grant you as many honor points as the house capacity it requires (for example killing a footman will give you 1 Honor point, killing a Mage will give you 2 Honor points since it requires to house spaces and killing a Troll Cyborg will give you 8 Honor points). The Hero does not need to get the kill for the honor point to be achieved. The Hero does not have to participate in the battle for you to get the Hero points.
  • If you Flee from a battle, you will save any units that have not died yet but you will get no battle rewards.
  • When you attack in the Arena, you lose any units that die during the battle, unless you are below level 8.
  • During the battle in the Arena, enemy units often drop Gold. Clicking on the Gold allows you to collect them.
  • If you destroy all the enemy units during an Arena battle or if you destroy the Enemy Castle Wall, you win. If you lose all your units during the battle or the enemy destroys your Castle Wall, you lose.
  • Everyone has an Arena score, the reason some players may have Scores with 0 lost and 0 flees can be for many reasons but it is known there are ways to exploit bugs in order to not get negative score from battles. Some other "players" however are most likely actual bots set by Camel games to give a bit of diversity to the Arena, these fake accounts are usually found with negative scores. You may see some bots fight by just their hero alone.
  • There is a maximum amount of how many refresh credits you can stack in the Arena which seems to be 12, so in other words you can participate in the Arena 72 times, then you would have to wait another hour to play another set which means 6 more battles.

Arena Score Points

When you attack in the Arena or get attacked you win or lose points from your score as well as gaining a "Win", "Loss" or "Flee".

  • When you attack a player in the Arena and you Win, you get +10 score and +1 Win.
  • When you attack a player in the Arena and you Lose, you get -10 score and +1 Lose.
  • When you attack a player in the Arena and you Flee, you get -30 score and +1 Flee.

Enemy Unit Rewards During Battle

Enemy units are worth Gold, Crystal, Castle Experience(XP) and Hero Experience(HeXP). You must win the battle to get the rewards. The following chart lists the breakdown of rewards per unit killed:

Unit Gold Crystal XP HeXP
Footman 12 0 .5 1
Troll 14 3 1.5 1
Archer 32 8 4 1
Ninja 49 9 5 1
Priest 24 19 6 1
Mage 64 32 12 2
Knight 128 16 11 3
Wolf Rider ? ? ? 3
Shaman 40 25 9 1
Archangel 96 160 45 5
Iron Wheel ? ? ? 4
Troll Cyborg ? ? ? 8
Hero 96 8 6-8 0

It should be noted that some units, like a Troll give a fractional amount of XP. The XP is always rounded up. So if you kill 1 Troll in a battle only, you get 2 XP (1.5 rounded up), but if you kill 2 Trolls in Battle you would get only 3 XP. This anomoly is present in quite a few cases for unit XP. A further example is that a Footman is worth less than 1 XP, perhaps .9 XP. So killing 1 Footman does get you 1 XP, but killing a bunch seems to give slightly less XP than the full head count.

Lost Unit Rewards During Battle

You gain Gold, Crystal and Experience when you lose your own units in battle. You gain this battle reward for losing units whether you win or lose the battle. This gain of reward can be achieved from any battle you fight and lose including Castle Occupation forces (SOS), Battle Tasks, Invasion Attacks and Arena Battles. The following chart lists the breakdown of rewards per unit lost as well as the Gold and Crystal Cost per XP point gained:

Unit Gold Crystal XP Gold Cost per XP Point Crystal Cost per XP Point
Footman ? 0 .5 80-160* 0
Troll ? ? 1.5 45-107* 10-27*
Archer 32 8 4 42 10.5
Ninja 48 9 5 50.4 10.2
Priest 24 19 6 21 16.8
Mage 64 32 12 28 14
Knight 128 16 11 61 7.6
Wolf Rider 96 38 ?
Shaman 40 25 9 23.3 15
Archangel 96 160 45 11.2 18.7
Iron Wheel ? ? ?
Troll Cyborg ? ? ?
Hero 96 8 6-8 63

  • These values for Footman and Troll are based on the fractional XP, so the best cost ratio to XP gained is achieved when you only lose a single unit and get the maximum XP rounded up possible for the unit death.

Units Drop Gold in the Arena

Sometimes Units drop Gold when they get killed in the Arena. You must click on the Gold when it drops to claim it and the Gold dropped will vanish shortly after it appears.

  • Footman drops 3 Gold
  • Troll drops 4 Gold
  • Archer drops 5 Gold
  • Ninja drops 6 Gold
  • Priest drops 8 Gold
  • Mage drops 8 Gold
  • Shaman drops 8 Gold
  • Knight drops 9 Gold
  • Wolf Rider drops 12 Gold
  • Iron Wheel drops 20 Gold
  • Archangel drops 20 Gold
  • Troll Cyborg drops 10 Gold
  • Hero drops 50 Gold (Sometimes 30 Gold at lowest levels)

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