Alliance Castle
Alliance Hall
Type: Alliance Default
Build Cost: N/A
Size: 9x9
Description: N/A
Passive Effect: N/A

The Alliance Hall is where your alliance status and where members can see battle reports on the alliance battles/instances waged in the alliance, as well as current members and their contribution, alliance news, and the top alliances for your server (world). These features are spread out over multiple screens.

My Alliance

Alliance my alliance

'My Alliance' screen

In this screen you can view your alliances' Level, Score, and Member count. You can also see your alliance description and the actual members with their name, level, amount of battles, amount of kills, all-time contribution, and weekly-contribution.


Alliance news

'News' screen

This screen allows you to view alliance member's contributions and also the giving and returning of alliance equipment.

Alliance Battle Report

Alliance ab report

'AB Host' screen

This screen is where you can view the various outcomes of alliance battles, instances, and sea wars. Also listed is the various resources and fragments lost or gained, and individual member reward.

Alliance Leaderboard

Alliance top

'Top' screen

This screen shows the top alliances based on alliance score for your server. Under each alliances shown is the alliance level, name, score and amount of members.

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